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Hengrong Woven Greenhouse Fabric is a better material to help your unique growing project. It’s also a choice most widely used by serious growers.

Woven by transparent high-density polyethylene in the middle and coated by low-density polyethylene provides a great transparency which allows the plants to absorb the sunlight more efficiently. 

It also processed by great UV treatment to withstand even strong sunlight in certain areas and can retain excellent strength long-time exposure. With great raw polyethylene material, it could resist a wide temperature range.

As per your request, Hengrong could also provide different mesh counts from 8*8 ~ 16*16 to meet your different demands.


·Strong and Durable:
Made by great weaving quality and coating technique, Hengrong Greenhouse is able to remain a strong and durable properties after long-term use.

.Low Shrinkage Rate:
Excellent Shrinkage Rate ensures your greenhouse fabric stable without worries of tear or rips due to changed size.

·Weather resistant:
Hengrong Clear Greenhouse fabric provides the waterproof and long-time protection during hash weather, installment, or folding away after using it.

We understand that UV stabilization is the most important property for the requirements of this fabric. Our great UV treatment will make the fabric remain stabilized and durable even under strong UV exposure.

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